Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How The Enviroment Effect My Writing

          Rain, sunshine, freezing, warm, and snow are different environmental happenings that effect my writing. Certain weather brings out the best in me and in my writings.
            When it rains, I have notice, I seem to write about love and relationships. It’s something about the rain that bring out the more gentle and vulnerable side of me. I don’t know what it is. Maybe, it’s the way the rain isolates me to my house. It could be the way the rain takes all my energy somehow and makes me want to do nothing but snuggle up with that special someone.
            Sunshine seems to always put a smile on my face. It amazes me how it can be cold outside and the sun is shining as bright as it would on a hot July day. The sunshine encourages me. I tend to write about things I have overcome because it reminds me of how strong I am.
            You will think that by me being from Saint Louis, Missouri that I would be used to freezing weather conditions; well I’m not. I can’t get use to that, especially that wind chill weather that makes me feel like I went out in the cold naked but I have on sweat pants, long sleeve shirt, coat and thermals. These days I always write about what I would be doing if it wasn’t so cold outside, and how I hope I don’t get sick if I’m forced to go out in it.
            There’s nothing like a warm day! These days I’m really hard to find. I’m not in one place too long. Shopping is at the top of my list. Yes, I am a shopaholic! The girlies and I meet up and have so much. I tend to just write what I did on warm days, after I get home.
            On snow days, my writings are about random things. I just relax and unwind. The snow doesn’t have a big impact on my writings as the types of days.

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  1. That's actually rather interesting to hear. Weather doesn't necessarily influence my writing, but it does tweak my mood in some instances. I'm a little more down during rainy days and I tend to be less motivated to do things. However, I've just seen that you can't let a rainy day stop you from accomplishing anything or keep you from producing a quality project. Rain or shine, I bring out the best.