Thursday, April 26, 2012

Final Assessment

            The course learning goals that I have made the most progress in are supporting my thesis, and effective consideration of my role as a writer.

I had some difficulty supporting my thesis. At first, I wasn’t fully developing my ideas that support it. In my blog post 4, EH 101 Spring2012: Writing---Anywhere?,  I didn’t give enough details, For example, I didn’t write fully explain the different types of applications I use to write anywhere.  I left my readers wanting to know more. I took heed to the feedback and corrected it in Blog Post 5, EH 101 Spring2012: How The Enviroment Effect My Writing, by elaborating on every subject and/or idea I included in my writing. In my DS 106 assignment, EH 101 Spring2012: Deserted Island,  I explained  my reason for picking the assignment, what the assignment is about, and why I will need each item I chose.

At one point, I wasn’t effectively taking consideration of my role as the writer. I was not making sure my writing flowed well together. In Blog Post 5, EH 101 Spring2012: How The Enviroment Effect My Writing,  I should have used transitional words when I elaborated from one subject to another , so my post wouldn’t seem jumpy. I corrected this problem in Blog Post 6, EH 101 Spring2012: My Problem With Research Papers, by using transitional word to go from one point to another. Also, I continued to improve on supporting my thesis by elaborating on each idea.

I will continue to progress my writing. I will work on including a concluding paragraph in all my writings. I know with the improvements I have made so far and the improvements I will make in the future, I will definitely become the great writer I want to be.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Deserted Island

 Below are pictures of the 3 things I will bring with me to stay on a deserted island for week. I would bring a tent because I most definitely will need shelter from the weather, bugs, and predators. The tent will provide shade from the sun and shelter from the rain. If it gets cold at night, the tent will help hold in heat. The tent will ,also, help keep bugs and animals out. I will bring water purify tablets, so I will be able to stay hydrated. It is convenient.  The ocean is a, obvious, constant supply of water, and the tablets will purify it. I will bring a machete because it will be great for helping me catch food. It also will help me to clear a pathway for when I travel around the island. The machete will be a good weapon for me to use to protect myself.
 I enjoyed this assignment.  It was hard to narrow down the three things I would bring with me to a deserted island. I’m the type the of person that , if I’m going out of town for only 2 days, would bring , at least, six outfits with me for just in case purposes and variety.