Thursday, April 26, 2012

Final Assessment

            The course learning goals that I have made the most progress in are supporting my thesis, and effective consideration of my role as a writer.

I had some difficulty supporting my thesis. At first, I wasn’t fully developing my ideas that support it. In my blog post 4, EH 101 Spring2012: Writing---Anywhere?,  I didn’t give enough details, For example, I didn’t write fully explain the different types of applications I use to write anywhere.  I left my readers wanting to know more. I took heed to the feedback and corrected it in Blog Post 5, EH 101 Spring2012: How The Enviroment Effect My Writing, by elaborating on every subject and/or idea I included in my writing. In my DS 106 assignment, EH 101 Spring2012: Deserted Island,  I explained  my reason for picking the assignment, what the assignment is about, and why I will need each item I chose.

At one point, I wasn’t effectively taking consideration of my role as the writer. I was not making sure my writing flowed well together. In Blog Post 5, EH 101 Spring2012: How The Enviroment Effect My Writing,  I should have used transitional words when I elaborated from one subject to another , so my post wouldn’t seem jumpy. I corrected this problem in Blog Post 6, EH 101 Spring2012: My Problem With Research Papers, by using transitional word to go from one point to another. Also, I continued to improve on supporting my thesis by elaborating on each idea.

I will continue to progress my writing. I will work on including a concluding paragraph in all my writings. I know with the improvements I have made so far and the improvements I will make in the future, I will definitely become the great writer I want to be.

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