Tuesday, March 6, 2012


            Sometimes, I can’t find the words to say, out loud, how I feel or what I think. This has led me to notice that it is easier and better for me to write down what I think and feel first, than to say it and things get left out, my thoughts are incomplete, and/or don’t make sense. My words and thoughts come to me easier when I write it down. Writing my thoughts out helps me develop my ideas, organize my thoughts, and communicate more effectively.
            When I write my thoughts down, my ideas began to develop and become more complete. I am able to brain storm and focus more on what I want to say. Seeing my thoughts on paper helps me not to forget anything. I choose the ideas I want to develop and began to organize my thoughts.
            Now that it’s time to organize my thoughts, I have to structure them so that it runs fluently together without any snags. If I don’t organize my thoughts, everything will be all over the place and won’t make me sense. This is why I place my thoughts in order from one step to another or by importance. It creates a better effect that way.
            Since I have developed my thoughts, and organized them, I will, now, be able to communicate more effectively.  How, you make ask? Well, now I absolutely know what I want to say and how I’m going to say it. Everything is complete and ready to be presented.
            Writing your thoughts down will help you to develop into a better writer. It really helps me. It’s great practice. I will continue to write my thoughts down.


  1. I agree that writing help your thoughts come together. I don't know about it helping my writing because, when I write I don't try to be correct or anything; I write my thoughts for myself. This defiantly helps when speaking. Maybe I should start writing correctly when jotting down my thoughts so it can be effective. Thanks for the post it has inspired me.

  2. This is very interesting. I like how you write your thoughts down and organize them. I feel this could be a good way to make what you could say more effective. It seems to help you express yourself, and you can’t forget it improves your writing.